After three years of research and preparation, Princi are proud to release the new Princi Black range.

Joe is drawing from his unique skillset of farming, butchering, exporting and retail to bring a new Western Australian premium product to market.

Consumers are increasingly appreciating locally grown, quality product and their appetite for premium local meats is no different.

“As supermarkets and large butcher chains continue to buy the same product from the same sale yards, I knew I had to bring a premium product to market that I had control over from gate to plate,” Joe said. “I am now working with the hand-selected farms to produce beef, lamb and pork products that are raised in optimum conditions for superior tenderness and flavour. At every stage the farmers and I work together giving each other feedback so we can achieve our goal of the most premium product for consumers.”

Joe is very selective about the farmers he works with and looks for those using chemical free fertilisers such as the new Grow Safe mineral based fertiliser and livestock free of injections, chemicals and added hormones. All the product features heavy marbling to ensure unique flavour. 

“We invest heavily in our products and I regularly visit all the farms where our livestock is grown to ensure I understand the fertiliser program, genetics program, breeds, handling of stock, history of the farm, pasture quality and of course, the feedlot,” Joe said.

“By taking this approach we not only end up with a premium quality product, but a consistently great – this is what customers can expect every single time they purchase a Princi product. 

The Princi Black Range Features:

Blackbrook Angus

Blackbrook Angus is sourced from premium Angus beef grown in the green pastures of Donnybrook.

The Blackbrook Angus’ superior quality is created by the ability of the lay down intra-musclar marbling taste fat during the finishing phase, together with excellent tenderness, flavour, meat colour and fat colour. The passion that is put into these cattle from paddock to plate is second to none.

The weight of the animal is 240-260kg and not older than 12 months. It is MSA graded 1-3, colour being IB-IC, fat marble score 350-400 and a fat colour of 0‑1.

The meat is guaranteed to have no added injections, chemicals, or added hormones.

Princi’s hand-select the farmers to ensure the consistent quality of the meat and work hand-in-hand with the farmers to get the best beef possible.

Blackbrook Lamb

Blackbrook Lamb is selected from Suffolk lamb farmers in York, Boyup Brook and Margaret River.

The Blackbrook lamb offers deep flavour with a modest amount of marbling visible throughout the meat.

The Suffolk breed of lamb features good confirmation and growth rates producing a healthy texture in the meat.

Blackbrook Pork

Blackbrook Pork is sourced from Berkshire pigs exclusively grown for Princi on a Kellerberrin farm. This pork recently won Australian Pork’s inaugural Steak Your Claim competition for the best pork loin steak in Australia.

Nationally renowned chefs judged this pork the best based on colour, muscle to fat ratio and marbling as well as aroma, flavour, tenderness, juiciness and texture.

A Berkshire breed of pig, it features good fat content and confirmation.

Salume Amo

Il gusto della tentazione. Smallgood Italian heritage range using the recipes that Joe’s father was passionate about while experimenting with different produce such as wild boar, kangaroo and bringing new flavours such as smoked authentic chorizo sausages, smoked calabrese salami and Black Angus Beef Cacciatore.

The sensational authentic flavour is a balance of a slightly sweet smokey aroma.

The flavour throughout all the salamis does vary, however the balance of meat and fat, presentation, colour and drying process is constant.

The products feature only female and castrate pig meat with the majority of ingredients from Southern regions of Italy and Spain.